Reelect Robin Zygaitis
to Bethel School Board Position 6

Creating a Better Education for all Bethel Students
Robin Zygaitis


I have always been a supporter of public education, realizing how big an impact it has made in my own life. My educational and then professional success is directly tied to the public education I received here in Eugene, the special education teachers that spent years helping me learn to read, and the speech pathologists the school provided so I could learn to speak in a way that others could clearly understand.
I am a Eugene native and have lived in the Bethel community for over a decade, I am also a parent of Bethel students. I have roots in this community and an understanding of our needs. My educational background is in Economics, specifically public resources and governments, this means I understand the complicated funding and budgeting of Bethel School District. I have proven that I am a collaborative board member willing to listen to others, learn from experts and make moves that benefit Bethel students.

Experience and Proven Track Record

During my first term I was able to help pass a bond, to expand programs at Kalapuya High School, build a new CTE building at Willamette High School and replace Cascade Middle School, among other needed school improvements.

This school year I have had the honor to serve as vice chair, and I was able to help the Board create a set of priorities for the 22-23 school year that have allowed us to refocus our efforts after the past few years of covid disruptions.

This year the Board and I have worked towards: Prioritizing both the physical and mental health of our students and staff, including additional staff trainings, supports, and planning time, As well as increased access to mental health therapists, and integrated Social and emotional curriculum for all students. Increasing access to Career and technical Education, by reviewing who is accessing our current offerings, and refining our offerings to engage more students. And finally renewing our commitment to providing a well-rounded education to all students, such as increased elective offerings at the middle school level, and a resurgence of lunch time and afterschool clubs and student groups.

I have also championed the creation of a new Bethel strategic plan, considering the input of students, staff, Families, and our Bethel Community. I have proven to be an effective and considerate board member and know I will continue to serve our students well.


Building inclusive schools where students and staff feel they belong and are supported.

Providing a curriculum that is engaging and relevant to the experiences of our students.

Supporting teaching methods that are responsive to the needs of the individual learner.

Creating increased access to physical and mental health services.

Emphasizing career and technical education so our students are ready for what comes next.


  • Oregon Education Association PAC
  • Eugene Education Association
  • Democratic Party of Lane County
  • Rich Cunningham, Bethel School Board Chair
  • Ashley Espinoza, Bethel School Board Director
  • Debi Farr, Bethel School Board Director
  • Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commissioner
  • Heather Buch, Lane County Commissioner
  • Linda Hamilton, Lane ESD Board Member
  • Lisa Fragala, LCC Board of Education Member
  • Joy Marshall, Stand for Children State Organizing Director
  • Dawn Lesley
  • Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Active Bethel Citizens Board Member
  • Zach Mulholland, Active Bethel Citizens Board Member